MTO Sport 2017

Auto MOTO Sport is the most popular and affordable model. More than 1100 devices are flying around the world. The developers gave a new life to the almost forgotten idea and got a gyroscope with an open top with a tandem arrangement (one after another) of the crew. During its existence, this gyroplane has won the glory of a trouble-free and obedient flying motorcycle. Something unique, simple device, connection of simple forms, reliability, safety and functionality is the MTO Sport gyroplane.


Technical pecification and price

L x W x H 5,1 m x 1,9 m x 2,7 m
Empty weight 245-295 kg
MTOW 450-560 kg
Engine*1 Rotax 912 ULS | 914 UL | 915 IS
Takeoff distance*2 30 m | 20 m | tbd
Max endurance*3 6,7 h | 5,9 | tbd
Max range*3 740 km | 650 km | tbd
Cruise speed 145 km/h
Max speed 185 km/h
Fuel capacity 94 ltr
Compliant with BUT, Section T, ASRA
Airplane time state Airframe 25 hrs, Engine Rotax 914UL, 25 hrs. 25-hour maintenance, New airworthiness certificate, Ready to fly.
Interior As new
Exterior As new, antiscratch coating
Avionics Radio Funke ATR833 8.33 kHz, Transponder Funke TRT800H mode S, Airspeed indicator, digital altimeters from Autogyro
Options LED landing light, strobe, position lights, Full back seat instructor kit
Price € 50,000


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